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About realDB V1.0

     The realDB V1.0, launched by Dr. Fei Chen and Dr. Liangsheng Zhang, maintains a database of genome and transcriptome data for the less represented red algae or the phylum Rhodophyta. Currently, realDB V1.0 provides the BLAST server, Jbrowse, and Download server and more, for easy accessing the ome data and omics tools representing all the 7 classes of red algae. Visitors are also welcome to submit their genome/transcriptome data regarding any red algae to realDB V1.0. Click anywhere to start your adventure!

  • Please cite us if you use realDB, your citation is very impportant to us to maintain and improve realDB.
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  • realDB V1.0

    • (03.06.2018) Transcription factor data for four flagship red algae were provided.
    • (12.05.2017) realDB V1.0 launched!

    realDB test version

    • (11.23.2017) realDB-beta version online! Very welcome to send us your comment:
    • (06.29.2017) BLAST tools were developed.
    • (06.15.2017) realSearch online! Start using it!
    • (06.08.2017) Jbrowse tools were implemented!
    • (05.28.2017) The red algae genome database realDB started!
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