realDB: A Genome Database for Red Algae

Dumontia simplex

1. The growth of the spores was affected by temperature, light intensity, and seawater salinity.
2. The suitable conditions for the growth of carpospores and tetraspore were determined at: temperature between 6-30℃, best at 9℃ for carpospores and 9-12℃ for tetraspore; light intensity between 80-400 μmol/(m2·s), best at 160 μmol/(m2·s) and 160-200 μmol/(m2·s); and salinity between 15-50, best at 30 for both, respectively.
3. The life history of D. simplex involved homotypic gametophyte (haploid), carposporophyte, and tetrasporophyte (diploid). Gametophyte and tetrasporophyte were morphologically identical and appeared alternately, being typical of homotypic alternation.

Data Source
Jun Yu, Beijing Institute of Genomics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Submitted to 1000 Plant (1KP) Transcriptomes.