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Grateloupia catenata

1. The red algal genus Grateloupia C. Agardh is the largest ge­ nus of the Halymeniaceae (Cryptonemiales), with at least 40 described species. In the western Pacific, 18 Grateloupia species and several intraspecific taxa have been reported.
2. Grateloupia catenata Yendo was first described by Yendo from material collected at several localities in Hok­ kaido, Aomori and Niigata Prefectures, northern Japan.
3. Tetrasporangial plants are more densely beset with short pro­ liferations than gametophytic plants, giving them a shaggy appearance.

Reference Publication(s)
Reinstatement of Grateioupia catenata (Rhodophyta, Halymeniaceae) on the basis of morphology and rbcL sequences, Phycologia (2000) Volume 39(3): 228-237.

Data Source
Jun Yu, Beijing Institute of Genomics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Submitted to 1000 Plant (1KP) Transcriptomes