realDB: A Genome Database for Red Algae

Rhodosorus marinus

1. Metabolism: Autotrophic (oxygenic photosynthesis).
2. Origin: Seawater culture, Hawaii, USA; Collection: UTEX (TX, USA).
3. Sample concentration: 8.79 " 106 cells/ml.
4. Sample count on filter substrate: 8.79 ± 0.88 " 107 cells.
5. Laboratory growth conditions: 25 °C, up to 6 months.
6. Culture medium: Erdschreiber's medium

Data Source
From Patrick J. Keeling ,at Department of Botany, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and Canadian Institute for Advanced Research, Integrated Microbial Biodiversity program, Canada.

Reference Publication(s)
Keeling PJ, Burki F, Wilcox HM, Allam B, Allen EE, Amaral-Zettler LA, et al. (2014) The Marine Microbial Eukaryote Transcriptome Sequencing Project (MMETSP): Illuminating the Functional Diversity of Eukaryotic Life in the Oceans through Transcriptome Sequencing. PLoS Biol 12 (6): e1001889.